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06 May

Picture Perfect – Tips for Adding a Great Internet Dating Profile Picture

Dating Profile Photos

Taking the Best Picture for your Dating Profile

In a previous article we discussed the photos to avoid on your internet dating profile.  It is important to get your photos right so your possible matches will want to click on your profile and contact you.

Remember that in the internet dating world you are far more likely, in fact 16 times likeier, to have your profile clicked on if you have a photo.  Getting that photo right is important and here are a few tips which I hope will help you take and present the best you.

1. How many is enough?

Is one photo enough? Well it is better than none but what you really want to be aiming for is 3 to 5 photos, however be careful as too many photos can overwhelm a possible match and they may avoid reading the rest of your profile.  Users who have at least 3 photos in an internet dating profile get twice as many messages than those with only one photo.

2. What types of photo should I upload?

You want to represent the best you, this means uploading several different types of shots to give possible matches a full overview of you. A good idea here is to upload a couple of close-ups, of course, your best side, but not hidden by shadows or obscured.  Possible matches can then get a good look at you.  When you do upload close-ups, select the best one as your main profile picture, this will entice other users to click on your profile to learn and see more. Action shots are also a good idea, photos of you doing things you enjoy, it could be playing sport or doing one of your hobbies. These photos give other users a good overview of who you are and also may lead to interesting and more engaging emails if you have a common interest. Full Body, no I don’t mean nude, photos are a great addition to a profile.  It will give potential suitors the whole view.  They will not be surprised when meeting you for the first time.  It shows you have nothing to hide.

3. Current Photos

We all know how good we looked 10 years ago, I had less wrinkles and not a grey hair in sight.  However time marches on and now these telltale signs of age have appeared.  Posting photos to your profile which do not show the current you will only lead to disappointment from potential matches when they actually meet you in real life.  Own who you are and post photos of who you are today.

4. To Photoshop or not to Photoshop?

You may be a photoshop expert or know someone who is, however too much photoshop touch-ups on a photo can make it look fake and make you look like you are trying to hide something.  On the other hand some select cropping of a photo can draw attention away from distracting elements in a photo.  The rule here is if in doubt leave it.

5. Pro or Amateur

This is a complicated issue, should you just snap yourself (or get a friend to do it) or pay out for professional photos.  If you have the money and the professional shots don’t end up looking like a soft focused issue of knitting weekly, well then go for it.  However it is not at all necessary, natural photos tend to get more response than professional shots.  Most people nowadays have a friend who is an amateur photographer, if you have get them to shoot some photos of you, try different locations and poses, you will be amazed at the great photos you can get with a little effort.

6. Make-Up

When pimping yourself up for your photo, less is more.  You are trying to represent the real you, so if you don’t wear make-up, then some concealer might be all that is required for those few blemishes.  Remember be you!

The object of the photo on your dating profile is to attract matches and to represent the real you.  The best rule to thumb is if you are questioning putting photos up for any reason then don’t.  The great thing about the web is that your photos are not set in stone, if at any time you feel that one of the photos you posted is wrong you can change it.

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