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24 April

10 Types of Pictures to Avoid in the Internet Dating World

Internet dating Profile Photo Mistakes

10 Photos to Avoid when Selecting a Profile Picture for Internet Dating

When a possible suitor stumbles across your profile on a dating site, they may read your profile, however they are more likely to view your profile picture and if it does not meet their subconscious criteria they move on.

So many people in the internet dating world avoid putting up profile pictures, but listen up, if you are serious about meeting people; you have to have a photo. You are about 16 times more likely to meet someone on a dating site with a profile picture than without one.

However having any old picture is not good enough, you have to be selective with your photos to ensure that your photo gives out the right messages to possible suitors and not the wrong message.

So before we go into what makes a good profile picture for your internet dating profile, let’s first have a look at some photos worth culling from your collection;

1. Avoid Stock Photos
Okay so you don’t think you are very photogenic or you are a little too shy to display your own photo.  Well get over it, you are on a dating site where matches are likely to avoid profiles without photos.  And what’s worse than no photo? You got it – a photo of someone else.  With the likes of Google’s picture search it takes about 2 seconds to find out the photo is not yours and then, hey! You look like you are not serious or even worse you look like a scammer.

2. Family Portrait
Hey we know you love you mum, dad, kids etc but having them in your photos is not cool.  On one hand you want to show the world, or at least possible dates, who you are but on the other hand you are letting strangers into a part of your life that should really be kept private until you get to know someone a little better.  This goes double for kids, put it in your profile that you have kids and you love them, but avoid putting them into photos on the net before they can even legally buy a drink at a bar.

3. Me and My Friends
Posting photos of you with friends or family (see above) is great if you are on Facebook but not on a dating site.  The possible problems with group photos are that viewers of your photo might not know exactly which one is you; They may be attracted to someone else in your photo; Or if the other person is of the opposite sex, they may think that it is your ex who you still harbour feelings for.

4. Out of Focus
There is really nothing worse than a photo of someone that is fuzzy or out of focus.  It is hard to tell if the poster is trying to hide something or just happy to put up sub-standard photos.  It’s really not that hard to post photos that are in focus, so try harder.

5. Nude or Revealing Photos
I hate to break this to you but your genitals are really not that attractive in a photo on their own.  Even if you are looking for sex on the dating site, a face photo will get you much more responses than a photo of your bits and bobs.  If you are looking for a real or serious relationship baring more skin or naughty bits may attract the wrong kind of mate, you can be sexy in a photo without baring too much skin. Oh, and it will probably get you banned.

6. Photos without You
I have already spoken about groups and family, but another photo to avoid is one where you are not in it.  If you picture is of your dog, cat or of a landscape or your car don’t post it.  Others on a dating site are there to meet people not pets or objects, although there are probably niche sites out there which cater to these sorts of needs.

7. Photos without Color
Try your hardest to post photos in colour, avoid black and white or monotone photos.  They make it very hard for others to really determine what you look like.  We live in a digital age where taking a colour photo is not hard to do, it is actually harder to take a black and white photo.

8. Faces in Disguise
This is not so bad, but worth nothing, that if your photo shows you wearing sunglasses or hats or even fake beards, try to avoid posting these unless of course that is your everyday wear.  Sunglasses makes it hard for people to connect to you and other accessories can alter the way you look and not always for the better.

9. Mirror in the Bathroom
You all know what I am talking about, the self portrait in the bathroom mirror taken with your phone.  These are terrible and should be deleted.  They never capture your best features and are even worse when one makes the “Duck Face” while taking them.  Ask a friend to take a photo.  Simple!

10. Not your Best
The last thing to remember is don’t post those photos which feature you drunk, stoned, ill or generally in bad shape.  This photo is your first impression to the dating world and looking spent will do you no favours.

Most of these tips are common sense, but you would be surprised at how many of these photo faux-pas make it on to the profiles of daters.  Just take a minute before you post your profile picture and see does it fall into any of these traps, and if it does, think again.

I am sure there are many other photo fails which I have not covered here.  Have you seen any? Post some your pet photo hates in the comments below.



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