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06 May

Picture Perfect – Tips for Adding a Great Internet Dating Profile Picture

Dating Profile Photos

Taking the Best Picture for your Dating Profile

In a previous article we discussed the photos to avoid on your internet dating profile.  It is important to get your photos right so your possible matches will want to click on your profile and contact you.

Remember that in the internet dating world you are far more likely, in fact 16 times likeier, to have your profile clicked on if you have a photo.  Getting that photo right is important and here are a few tips which I hope will help you take and present the best you. Read more…

04 May

How to spot a scammer?

While Online Dating sites have transformed the way that we meet our future partners, there are some associated pitfalls and the seemingly endless stream of scammers ready to try to take your money is undoubtedly one of the biggest.
That said, many scammers are easy to spot as long as we know what to look out for. So starting with the most ludicrously obvious first, here is our guide to identifying an online dating scam. Read more…

24 April

10 Types of Pictures to Avoid in the Internet Dating World

Internet dating Profile Photo Mistakes

10 Photos to Avoid when Selecting a Profile Picture for Internet Dating

When a possible suitor stumbles across your profile on a dating site, they may read your profile, however they are more likely to view your profile picture and if it does not meet their subconscious criteria they move on.

So many people in the internet dating world avoid putting up profile pictures, but listen up, if you are serious about meeting people; you have to have a photo. You are about 16 times more likely to meet someone on a dating site with a profile picture than without one.

However having any old picture is not good enough, you have to be selective with your photos to ensure that your photo gives out the right messages to possible suitors and not the wrong message.

So before we go into what makes a good profile picture for your internet dating profile, let’s first have a look at some photos worth culling from your collection; Read more…